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Security Tips & Advice

Post  Mod Ruff on Sat Feb 09, 2013 4:22 pm

Keep your account safe and secure!

There’s no reason another player needs to know your:
- Password
- Recovery-questions
- Real name
- Email address
- Credit card details
- Other Personal Details
- Passwords*

*Be imaginative when you first create your password. In addition, it increases your security if you use a different password for your OldScape account to those you use on other websites.

Watch out for fake/phishing websites

Some people create fake OldScape websites that look almost identical to the official RuneScape site in order to try and trick you into giving them your username and password. In order to avoid being a victim of these phishing sites, remember:
There are no cheats for OldScape.
The OS Team doesn't recruit Mods or admins through other websites.
The OS Team will not email you to advise you "Your account has received an infraction"
OldScape chat boards/rooms – Make sure you use a different username and password so the chat room owners don’t get your OldScape password. If they say you need to use your game password, then you know they’re hackers.
Only log-in at [Until Furhter Notice]
If it looks too good to be true.... It usually is!

Avoid unofficial OldScape add-ons: [Until Further Notice]
Any official add-ons can be found on our website. There are others who claim their programs give you an advantage over other players, but in reality all they do is either take the fun out of OldScape or record your password. Some of these malicious programs can also contain viruses and key-loggers which can obviously harm your computer. If you want to remain secure, only install add-ons from the official OldScape website.

Watch out for fake emails, and fake OS staff:
Cheats might fake emails or claim to be official OS staff able to offer you items or mod status. This is normally just so that they can get you to provide you with your password. You can always tell if someone is a moderators from their gold/silver crown in-game – don’t believe anyone who claims they’re a mod unless they have a gold crown in-game. Remember, we will NEVER ask you for your password.

Anything to do with a Moderator application will always be sent to your message inbox. That way you know it’s from us. We will never have any need for you to provide us with your password, for anything. Any email or player that asks you for it, isn't us.

Only play on accounts that you have created:
We will always look to return an account to the original owner. The only way to make sure you keep an account is to not share it with anyone else. If you share an account, you may end up putting in lots of time and effort that you could lose in the future. If you buy an account it is likely that the seller will reclaim from you and then sell it onto someone else, just to do the same again.
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